The Witch Ball and Other Short Stories by Doreen Valiente

The Witch Ball and Other Short Stories by Doreen Valiente

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Posthumously published, "The Witch Ball and Other Short Stories" is an exciting addition to the literature of Doreen Valiente. This book represents a lost work by one of contemporary Paganism’s most loved authors. This collection of short stories is not only of significance to fans of Doreen Valiente, but of import within the wider genre of gothic fiction and folk horror. Featuring as the main protagonist Charles Ashton, who is wise, kind and learned, with a deep knowledge of folklore and magic, quietly tutoring his younger friend Jeremy Blake, these enjoyable tales weave and layer magic and folklore into a notable contribution to the interesting genre of magical tales written by magical practitioners.

"The publication of these stories offers both real entertainment for readers and a valuable resource for those interested in the history of Paganism, witchcraft and magic. In them, Doreen reveals herself to be a proficient, engaging and immensely readable author of fiction, producing occult detective tales on the level of those by Dion Fortune."
(Professor Ronald Hutton)

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